To exist on the Web, to be more visible, to reach the right target audience, to increase sales, a digital strategy including technical aspects as well as communication is essential.

We accompany you - efficiently and simply across all company levels.

graphic design

Your online presence depends in part on the visual aspects. New communication media offer new opportunities to showcase your company or project. Based on your values, illustrating your vision and respecting your mission.


Within the framework of customer touch point analysis, we support you in analysing and optimising online customer interactions across all channels.

While managing the portfolio of products, suppliers and online sales channels, we coordinate activities between stakeholders, from the idea to the implementation of your online marketing campaigns.

ux / ui design

Designing your online shop intuitively with the right graphics and navigation allowing the customer to have a simple and efficient online experience is essential.

Staging the customer's journey in order to optimize the conversion rate.